Tear Tattoo What Are The Different Meanings Behind A Tear Tattoo?Tattoos are not without meaning even if it is just a tear tattoo. This tattoo also has a specific meaning in every person’s life and mostly marks a particular event in his life. A single teardrop is placed just under the eye usually to mourn the loss of a loved one. These tattoos are done in isolation and not used with other designs. Most men behind bars who go through a lot of suffering and hardship go for this tattoo. But depending on the place where the people belong to, the meanings associated with the tattoo Tear Tattoo1 What Are The Different Meanings Behind A Tear Tattoo?also varies. The situation which prompts someone to opt for this tattoo may be different for each one too.

You will mostly find convicts, prisoners, thugs and gangsters getting them decorated with tear tattoo. But a tear inked on the face or some other part of the body holds different meanings depending on its placement. People behind bars use the tears to depict the number of years they have spent there. This tattoo also signifies acknowledgement of belonging to a particular gang. It can also signify the number of murders committed by a convict. It can be seen that the tattoo has something for the prisoners to remember things by which can also serve Tear Tattoo2 What Are The Different Meanings Behind A Tear Tattoo?to frighten other people off.

The tear tattoo finds its origin in Australia where prisoners were forced to make this tattoo on the faces of their inmates who were sexual abusers and child molesters. When such people were placed in prison, the others there forcefully inked a tear under the right eye as a reminder of their crime. This was however done long back and nowadays there is no such tradition in the prisons of Australia.

This tradition of getting a tear tattoo was passed on to the United States where people leaving the prison were made to ink this tattoo as a reminder of the years spent there. This was supposed to inspire remorse in the prisoners. Tear Tattoo4 What Are The Different Meanings Behind A Tear Tattoo?But when people outside the jail got this tattoo, it was for purely different purposes. Normal people got a tear just below the eye to mourn for the loss of a loved one. It symbolized memory and remembrance.

The tear tattoo could have many colors depending on the event it was relating to. Just an outline of the tattoo meant that a dear friend had passed away. When the tear was filled with color, it meant that the death of the friend had been avenged. The tear could also mean the murder of someone hated vehemently. It could also symbolize a suicide or death due to other causes other than murder. The tear can look very natural and force you to sympathize with the wearer when inked by a professional tattoo artist.