Eye Tattoo Designs Understanding the Significance of Eye Tattoo DesignsJust like eyes can help you read what is going on in a person’s mind, eye tattoo designs too can provide an insight into the personality of a person. These tattoos have found prominence in Egypt where the powers of the Supreme Being is conveyed through the eyes. Egypt is a land of mystery where the people are obsessed with religion and worship and thus they have given the world several symbols to use as tattoos. The eyes have a special place of reverence there and many men and women adorn their bodies with art based on the eyes to say a thousand words through these designs. But just Eye Tattoo Designs1 Understanding the Significance of Eye Tattoo Designslike in other tattoos, these eyes too have a lot of significance and meaning.

A particular type of eye tattoo designs includes the Eye of Horus, who is revered as the Sky God. The eye is a symbol of God and power. There is a belief that by getting this tattoo on the body, you will become a powerful person and will also be an equally influential soul in your next birth. The symbol is believe to be the Eye of Providence which also finds a prominent place among the national symbols of the US. Eye Tattoo Designs2 Understanding the Significance of Eye Tattoo DesignsThe Eye of Horus is divided into six parts and each of these parts pertains to one of our vital senses like touch, smell, sight, etc. The eye also has a great significance in the ancient mathematics of Egypt.

The Egyptians also worshipped the Sun God Ra. The eye of Ra is considered an important symbol which overlooks the life of all its believers. It is associated with everything beautiful and happy and keeps you protected from the evil spirits. This is one of the eye tattoo designs which can be creatively etched on the body to look really attractive. It can be drawn and painted with vivid colors of blue and green and looks quite like the eye of a hawk. It can also take on a tribal Eye Tattoo Designs3 Understanding the Significance of Eye Tattoo Designslook and be inked in complete black.

Besides these two main eye tattoo designs which have a deep historical background, you can also draw many simple and beautiful looking eyes which say many things. You can also combine other designs along with the eye to make the tattoo more personalized. And as for the placement; it will look good on any part of the body. Somewhere around your neck or your chest are common choices for this tattoo. But make sure that you don’t ink it on the back or else they will lose their beauty. Since it is a small design, keep it where people can see it easily. Take the help of a good tattoo artist and your eye tattoo designs will be ready for display.