Free Tattoos1 Be Selective About Getting Free TattoosDeciding to get inked is a very serious process because it involves tattooing your body with designs which can be a pointer to your personality and besides, it is for life. It is vital to get a proper tattoo which will look marvelous in every age. There is no point in getting a tattoo which you might regret later on. There are many free tattoos on the Internet which will provide you with beautiful designs to make you the cynosure of all eyes. And when there are so many tattoo designs which are free, why should someone pay about $150 to get one from a tattoo studio?Free Tattoos6 Be Selective About Getting Free Tattoos

When you get a tattoo, it is for life. Hence, a lot of thought has to go into choosing the right kind of tattoo. Since it is not some kind of ware which you buy at a store and exchange it if you don’t like it, it needs a lot of deliberation. Right now, there are several laser techniques which can be used to remove these tattoos. But they are very costly and need several sittings before the tattoo has finally faded away. Choosing the right design can take a lot of time and can be done at leisure from the number of free tattoos on the Internet.Free Tattoos2 Be Selective About Getting Free Tattoos

But it is important to get free tattoos that are truly detailed in design. If you get a tattoo which cannot be inked properly and the designs are not done considering the art of inking, then this will not suit your purpose. Then it might be better to take advice from a tattoo artist on this matter. It might cost you some dollars but it might be worthwhile considering that a tattoo is for life. But if you are really intent on getting free tattoos from the Internet, then you can browse through some really worthwhile tattoos in reputed tattoo galleries, which might appeal to you.

Free Tattoos5 Be Selective About Getting Free TattoosThere are free tattoos which are made using sophisticated software which have really fine detailing. These tattoos have been made by professional artists who understand the nuances of tattooing. They include subtle details which can be cleverly inked and which can increase the appeal of the tattoo. Therefore, it is vital that you take a tattoo design which has been done by a professional and which has a certain meaning attached to it which will suit your personality.


Tattoo Fonts Tattoo FontsTattoos are as such intriguing and attract more than one head turn when you show them off. And if you have something written something then, people might just stare at you to read what you have got in there. Tattoo fonts matter a lot when you want to make an impression with that. And you may not necessarily choose Latin or Latinized fonts for the tattoos. Kanji Japanese and Arabic fonts are also in demand by the people who want something to be written in a tattoo form. The most common ones are the Fiery and Icy font styles. Even the old English fonts are much in demand due to its eye-catching style.

Tattoo Fonts1 Tattoo Fonts

Again, you must choose the right font as the tattoos reflect your personality. You can choose a loud font or a soft font for the tattoo. You can also look on the internet for choices. There are many sites that provide a good selection of tattoo fonts and you can type the words and see how it would look in a particular style. Getting a stylish tattoo font in a stylish calligraphic style is no doubt a fashion statement so spend some time researching on the fonts that attract you the most. Ancient fonts that are rare to find are also a craze by tattoo lovers. However, while taking a decision on fonts choose a minimum of three to five designs before you finalize one. It always helps to consult aTattoo Fonts2 Tattoo Fonts tattoo artist to help you select the trendiest tattoo fonts. And remember tattoos are going to stay for ever so it is wise to take the right decision.

If you want to flaunt a tattoo with a name then it is always better to do some research before having a tattoo done up. So take time and think. If you want to write your name or the name of god or some Greek mythological creature names or general words like ‘love’, ‘holy spirit’, ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, then it is fine. But in case you want to show off your boy friend or girl friend’s name, then Tattoo Fonts3 Tattoo Fontsthere are chances that you regret it. So always take a while to think and take a decision rather than being impulsive about it. If you belong to a specific club or group and want to create a logo tattoo for all to have one in the gang. Then you must do much research and consider other’s opinion before selecting one.

Next is to choose the right spot for the tattoos. You may not want a big tattoo written word on a spot that doesn’t look legible or isn’t suitable for that kind of font. If you want to place the tattoo in your arm then you must choose the fonts that can look good even when they are small and at least they are readable. If the word you want to get the tattoo withTattoo Fonts4 Tattoo Fonts has only three or four words, arms is the right place. But if you want to get a complete sentence like three words or so, then go for the back of the neck or lower back as it would require more space.

The perfect tattoo font is the one that has both the letters and the design perfectly blended to it. Happy tattooing!


Bulldog Tattoos  Bulldog Tattoos Out of the many tattoo art forms , animals are the most celebrated ones. Every tattoo lover has a craze for a particular animal form. Some love the mythical creatures like the dragons, unicorns, mermaids. Some the real ones like the bison, wolf, jaguar,etc. Bulldog tattoos designs have made their appearance on some of the important celebrities.Bulldog Tattoos 1 Bulldog Tattoos The advantage of bulldog tattoo is that, it can depict a variety of themes. For some it may be an attitude statement, while for others it can be a symbol of power and supremacy. The most common bulldog forms include the ones from animation movie like Butch(from Walt Disney Animations), Spike(adapted from Halloween movies), Plush(from Walt Disney bulldog toys), Francis(from Oliver and Company) and Percy (from Pocahontas). The other forms of bulldog include the realistic ones like the English Bulldog, the American Bulldog, the Boxer, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Olde English Bulldogge, the French Bulldog, the Alpha Blue Blood Bulldog, the Valley Bulldog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the Boston Terrier, the Bull Mastiff and the Banter Bulldogge. There are also a few customized varieties like the Gothic Bulldog, the Vampire Bulldog, and the Holy Heart Bulldog.Bulldog Tattoos 2 Bulldog Tattoos
There are many designs which can be added with the bulldog tattoo like bulldog with a watch(to Bulldog Tattoos 3 Bulldog Tattoos remind one about punctuality), bulldog with ribbon(to remind one about safety), bulldog with shield(to remind one about courage and integrity), etc. The next important thing is to choose the right colors for the tattoo. The most preferred ones are the shabby colors of amber gray. Other colors options might include Burnt Sienna, Copper Sulphate, Mauve of the Dawn, Viridian Green, Prussian Blue and Turquoise Blue. Bulldog tattoo designs can be widely seen on the hands of wrestlers, cops or people belonging to different cults. Whatever it might be bulldog tattoos depict an attitude of supremacy to the beholder, so think before you ink.


Henna Tattoo Designs Henna Tattoo DesignsTattoos now a days encompass a lot of different type body arts collected or adapted from different parts of the world. Each part of the world has its own unique style of decorating the body with color and designs. One such style comes from the Southern Asia, Henna tattoo designs. Made from the dried powder of the plant from the genus Lawsonia that belongs to Lythraceae family, the word Henna was taken from the Arabic word for it. Henna tattoo designs have been widely adapted as a method to decorate body parts by many countries around the world.Henna Tattoo Designs1 Henna Tattoo Designs

In certain parts of the world, Henna tattoos are also known as Mehndi. Henna leaves are dried and made into a smooth thick paste that is used to create elaborate and intricate designs. In some South Asian countries, Henna tattoos are considered to be sacred and are usually drawn on hands and feet during festive occasions and ceremonies. For marriage rituals, Henna is much in demand. Not only the bride but others in the household also get their hands decorated with the Henna tattoo designs.

Henna tattoo fall in the category of temporary tattoos. The Lawsone in the smooth Henna pasted when comes in contact with the keratin available in the skin, it turns into a color that can range between dark orange, red, maroon to black. The color lessens after the skin comes in contact with water but it doesn’t completely go away till a week or so. Usually the henna tattoo designs are Henna Tattoo Designs2 Henna Tattoo Designsdrawn and left on the skin for a few hours before the dried paste of the design is removed to get the designs show the right color expected.

Though henna tattoo designs can simply be made with the henna paste, the henna artists use a number of other accessories to add to the color and to their permanence which can now stay up to one month. Henna if applied to the nails leave a permanent stain that only removes after the nail is grown enough to cut that part out.Henna Tattoo Designs4 Henna Tattoo Designs

But you must be careful when you go for faster coloring black henna. As it may contain para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that can cause skin allergy and can prove worse that one expects. Henna, if natural, can not make the skin black in just about an hour. It can give an orange to red shade within that much time. Certain shops in South Asia provide an essential oil

Henna Tattoo Designs5 Henna Tattoo Designs

made by mixing tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and cajeput oils. This is added to the Henna paste to make the color darker and stay for a longer time.

Henna tattoo designs can be drawn on the back of the neck, arms, belly, hands and feet. When intricately drawn, henna looks attractive and usually the complete arm is decorated in henna designs at certain places in the world. Now a days, glitter particles are added to make the designs get a gold or silver shimmer which make it look more attractive.

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