Hot Tattoos for Men3 Hot Tattoos for MenTattoos and men have always been very closely related. It is often considered as the favorite trait of men to show off their machismo and the hot tattoos for men are the best way to display them. While choosing the idea for the tattoo that may be marked up as hot, the options are many. There are a variety of designs and places where the tattoo can be done that shall make you appear hot.

Hot Tattoos for Men4 Hot Tattoos for MenToday the most common option for hot tattoos for men is the use of Ambigrams. Ambigrams are basically the tattoos which appear different when viewed from different orientations. The best example is the ambigram is the ILLUMINATI tattoo. This tattoo is so famous that it has been depicted in many movies. The next idea for tattoos is the Celtic Tribal tattoos. They depict masculinity and are sure to grab the attentions of many.

Other best ideas for hot tattoos for men include tattoos of mythological creature. Mythological creatures include the famous Chinese dragons. These dragons depict the Yin and Yan philosophy of life which preaches the doctrine of balance of good and bad in life. The other mythological creatures that catch the attentions are unicorns, phoenix, medusa and the titans. Unicorn is the horse with a horn that is said Hot Tattoos for Men5 Hot Tattoos for Mento grant the wishes of its master. Phoenix is mythological bird which never dies and is said to rise from the ashes after it is burnt. Medusa is a character from the Greek mythology that had snakes instead of hair and any person who directly looks into her eyes turns into stone.

Hot tattoos for men may also include the tattoos made under arm, on the ribcage or on the collar bone. The under arm tattoos were very famous during the 40’s as they were greatly made by the soldiers of the Second World War. The rib cage tattoos appear very sexy and a lot of creativity can be added to it. The collar bone tattoos also appear classically hot but they are too painful to be embedded.

The numerous options in hot tattoos for men are just endless. The Polynesian tribal tattoo designs have also become very popular, especially of the Maori tribe. The Cross has also been a favorite tattoo symbol for the tattoo enthusiasts. Whatever it might be men shall always find new innovative designs and add to the glory of the inking process.