Beautiful Mehndi Design Add to Your Personality With Beautiful Mehndi DesignThe smell of a freshly made mehndi design is just heavenly. Made from henna, this natural mehndi paste can work wonders on your skin. It can be used to create intricate designs on your hands and feet, thereby accentuating the clarity of your skin. Besides the hands and feet, mehndi is now being used to decorate the upper arms, back and around the belly button. Originally considered to be a part of the Indian and Pakistani culture, this art form has now taken the Western countries by storm. It is considered to be a great form of tattoo design.

How to Apply Mehndi

A mehndi design is made by applying henna paste through a medium-sized plastic cone. You can also use a paint brush or a small metal-tipped jacquard bottle. After carving out the beautiful design on the skin, the area is secured with medical tape, plastic or tissue till the henna has passed on its wonderful reddish-brown color to the skin. Securing the painted area will help to trap the body heat and increase the intensity of the henna color. The mehndi design should be kept within wraps for a long time, especially overnight. Depending on the type of henna used, the design can sometimes last a few months before being erased completely.

Learning the Basics

Henna is procured from a tree with the botanical name of Lawsonia inermis. The leaves of this tree undergo a drying process to yield the beautiful henna color. Although, you have to collect these leaves when they are still green, you must make sure that they are completely dried before being pounded into a fine powder. This powder is again kneaded to make the famous henna paste. Then it should be left overnight covered for best effects. Lest it flow away while being used to make the mehndi design, the paste should be made just of the right consistency.

How to Get the Maximum Color

mehndi design1 Add to Your Personality With Beautiful Mehndi DesignIn order to make the mehndi design look the best reddish brown color, you should leave it on the skin for a maximum amount of time. The minute the henna starts drying, it start flaking. But to prevent this and help it stay on longer, you can apply a solution of lemon with sugar. This will not only prevent flaking and falling off but also deepen the color. You must remember never to use water to remove or moisten the henna. After the henna has deepened considerably, it is time to take it off. You can scrape it off with a butter knife. If you want, you can wash yourself after that. The henna will change its hue from a brilliant orange to a fantastic deep reddish brown color.

A Date With the Celebrities

Mehndi design has found great popularity after style icons like Demi Moore, Mira Sorvino and Erykah Badu got themselves painted with henna. Fashion conscious people are trying to experiment with henna and innovatively create new designs and colors. But nothing can beat the old world charm of henna. It surely makes a person look her best in the latest designs in mehndi.